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A Complete Kit to Make Your Kitchen Better

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen without costing you an arm and a leg? Try installing under cabinet lighting. Not only does this give the feeling that you hired professional help, it can dramatically change the way your kitchen looks as well.

Our three-panel Premium Kit gives you everything you need to install under cabinet lighting in your kitchen. This product saves 80 percent on energy, is 60 percent thinner, 40 percent less expensive and 20 percent brighter than most under cabinet lighting available in the market. It's a great do-it-yourself weekend activity, too.

Beautiful Design and Beautifully Installed

Whether for permanent or temporary use, Lightkiwi Under Cabinet Premium Kit solution includes all the necessary supplies to allow you do either. You can use the provided mounting materials for long term use or a 3M double sided tape if the lighting is only to be used temporarily.

Safety and High-Quality Construction

We focus on safety, which is why our Modular Under Cabinet Lighting and power supplies are UL listed. With the UL listed and industry recommended low voltage, 24VDC, it proves that Lightkiwi does what is necessary to ensure our product is the safest.

Suitable for Multiple Uses

You can use them to make any space/room in your house brighter such as closet cabinets, counters, pantry, garages, utility rooms, and bathrooms. Add drama to any space by using them as backlights. Really, the sky's the limit when it comes to finding uses for these energy efficient light sources. Each individual 12-inch Lightkiwi under cabinet panel has 42 bright LED lights and only uses 3 watts maximum energy. Simply put, it gives you a brighter space while using less electricity.

Installation Made Simple in 3 Easy Steps

We made it so that you won't need an engineering degree to install your new under cabinet lighting. Simply connect the power supply to a 110-volt power outlet and connect the dimmer switch in between the power supply and the first LED light panel. The LED light panels can be linked together using the interconnect cable or modular connector. Next, secure your new LED panel under your cabinets using screws and mounting brackets. There is no need to buy additional supplies - everything is included in the kit.

Ultra-Thin and Light

Each Lightkiwi Under Cabinet Light Panel is 0.2 inches thin and a 12-inch panel weighs only 3.6 ounces. Versatile and efficient, panels can easily be concealed even on slim lipped under cabinet sections. This LED light bar is designed to produce the maximum amount of light output from a discrete location. With less than a 0.2-inch depth, there are only few places that this under cabinet light bar can't fit into.

Light Up More in More Places

You can get that designer look for less by using our LED lights as TV backlights. Make it easier to park at night by using our light detect motion sensor for your garage door. All you need is the appropriate Light Panel, an On/Off Switch and a Power Supply and you're all set. Don't skip on this environmental friendly, energy saving and efficient source of energy that lasts... think of more ways you can use this in your home and office.

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