Vega LED Desk Lamp
Vega LED Desk Lamp
Vega LED Desk Lamp
Vega LED Desk Lamp
Vega LED Desk Lamp
Vega LED Desk Lamp

Vega LED Desk Lamp

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SKU: Y7699

With the Lightkiwi Vega LED Desk Lamp, any area that has not seen the light can be easily illuminated with a single switch. With the interchangeable base, you have a choice between a sturdy desk lamp or you can easily move the VEGA to your workbench with the adjustable clamp-on base.

Bright LED
- Bright Cool White (6000K) LED lights help illuminate your work area whether you are studying, reading, or working the VEGA has a single light setting that fits all of your needs.

Two-point Adjustable Arm
- The movability near the base remains the same for both the clamp-on and the base; it has the ability to rotate 360 degrees, once you find the position that you desire tighten the screw and you're ready to go.
- The second point that can be adjusted is near the light itself it has the ability to rotate 180 degrees and it can be folded down towards the neck or as far back as you might like.

Strong Sturdy Base
- The base has a padded under side to avoid any scratches to the surface of your table.
- The base is metallic silver, heavy, and durable.
- No matter how much the table shakes or moves the base will remain in its position.

Adjustable C-Clamp
- The clamp-on attaches to tables, countertops, and with the adjustable knob it can attach to almost any surface without issues.
- The clamp-on also has a protective padding to avoid any scratches to your surface.
- Ideal for areas such as your table and workbench, it easily clamps onto any surface and with a twist of a knob it locks into place securely so you can work with ease.
- The clamp-on also comes with two entry points so the lamp can be placed in the two different positions using the same clamp. (as seen on the picture below)

What's In the Package
- Lightkiwi Vega LED Desk Lamp
- Power Adapter
- C-Clamp Base with Adjustable Knob
- Strong Sturdy Desk Base
- Tightening Screw
- Manual