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Length of each interconnect cable is 3 ft (91.44 cm).
Usually, we do not recommend to use over 12 ft interconnect cable. But if 25 ft (approximately) interconnect cable is used for only couple locations within one setting, there shouldn't be any issue. When interconnect cables with 25 ft length are used to connect all LED light panel, there is possibility that the light would not work.
Size of connector is 3.5 mm (Outer Diameter) x 1.35 mm (Inner Diameter).
You may use "6 inch Interconnect Splitter Cable", "4 Way Splitter", or "8 Way Splitter" to install modular under cabinet lighting in more than one direction.
We have 4 inch, 6ft, and 12ft interconnect cables available. Please search “interconnect cable” if you are unable to locate it from the category page. An alternative option is to splice the cable to make cable shorter, or use cable with 2 wires (such as speaker wires) to make it longer.
Please locate the product label on the power supply and locate model number.

The two numbers listed after the word "GFP" would represent the wattage of the power supply. For example, following can be found on model number of 12 watt power supply.

"MODEL: GFP121DA-240050-1"
The several seconds delay (may differ by the wattage of the power supply) can be found with many AC/DC power adapters when you completely turn off the power from the power source (which placed before the power supply) and turn on the power after a while.

Speaking in more detail, the delay is caused by inner resistor, capacitor, and IC of the driver.

Per testing, if there is an adjustment to reduce the delay for power supply, working efficiency of power supply will reduce dramatically and unable meet five-star energy saving standard.
There are many brightness level you can control with dimmer switch. It would be very similar to wall slide dimmer switch.
Yes, you may connect the lighting directly to the power supply without dimmer switch (or on/off switch).
If you plan to control the power with wall on/off switch, you would need rotary dimmer switch (S4170) instead of included dimmer switch (K6032). The dimmer switch (K6032) would reset every time when power is completely off from on/off switch.
If you plan to use 120 volt wall dimmer switch, you would need to use dimmable transformer instead of standard power supply that plugs into wall outlet.
Depends on the power supply and length of LED light panel, the maximum number would vary. 6 inch LED light panel consumes 1.8 watt max. & 12 inch LED light panel consumes 3 watt max. For example, the power supply needs to be at least 15 watt or larger if you plan to install (5) 12 inch LED light panel with one power supply.
Yes, you may mix 6 inch & 12 inch LED light panel together. Please make sure you have enough wattage.
It differs from person to person. Some people would be satisfied with one 12 inch LED light panel for 36 inch cabinet and some people would be satisfied with two 12 inch LED light panels for 36 inch cabinet. Usually, we recommend one 12 inch LED light panel for cabinet sized about 24 inch (60.96 cm).
Yes, it would work fine since the unit is not heavy at all. But if temperature of surrounding environment is very high, adhesive may lose its adhesion.
It differs from person to person. The popular color temperature would be a warm white for most of the cases and most people are satisfied with warm white for their under cabinet lighting. However, cool white would look so much better than warm white within certain environment or purpose.
If you plan to use a wall dimmer switch, you need to do the hardwire installation with dimmable transformer, instead of the included power supply which plugs into wall outlet, due to the voltage difference between the wall dimmer switch (110V) and LED light panel (24V). Inline dimmer switch (24V) is incompatible with dimmable transformer.

If not used with wall dimmer switch, plug-in power supply (except 6 watt power supply) can be used to do the hardwire installation, but if dimmer switch is needed, 24V dimmer switch is required. You would need to splice the power plug from the power cord and connect to the power source with a junction box or something similar. Wall dimmer switch (110V) is incompatible with plug-in power supply.
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