Eridani LED Desk Lamp

Model : K1216



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Quick Overview

  • 5 Brightness Level
  • USB Charging Port
  • Adjustable and Lightweight
  • Pivot Base
  • 520 lumen and Only consumes 9 watt maximum

Eridani Desk Lamp is a beautiful white lamp with a silver metal surface on the head and neck of the lamp. This lamp is a gorgeous accessory to any desk and with its light weight base it is the perfect accessory for any dorm or office.

[Bright 520 lumen and Only consumes 9 watt maximum]

[3 Selectable Color Temperatures]
With three different options to choose from the user can set your light to between
- Warm White (3000 Kelvin)
- Natural White (4500 Kelvin)
- Cool White (6000 Kelvin).

[5 Brightness Level]
Each mode of light can be adjusted with 5 levels of brightness, simply touch the surface on the base of the icon to the desired mode.

[USB Charging Port]
Easily recharge your smartphone with 5V/.500mA USB Charging Port on Eridani Desk Lamp.

[Adjustable and Lightweight]
- At only 1 lb. this is lightweight lamp can be easily moved around the dorm or house.
- With the pivot base the neck can be rotated 180 degrees around its axis, while the neck can be moved up or down 90 degrees similar with the headlamp, and finally the head lamp can swivel toward or away from its origin 30 degrees.

[Pivot Base]
- The base of Eridani is remarkable, it has touch sensors that allow the user to adjust the light to any setting the user desires. Simply touch on the icons to turn on, then adjust the mode by touching the icon that says mode, and finally adjust the brightness by pressing the up or down icon.
- The base also comes with protective padding in order to prevent scratches to any surface
- Not only is this a attractive lamp but it also has a USB connection that allows the user to charge there smart phone or tablet using the USB output located at the back of the base.

Wattage 9 Watt
Lumens 520
Life Hours 30,000
Color Warm White, Natural White, Cool White
Color Temperature 3000 Kelvin, 4500 Kelvin, 6000 Kelvin

Lighting Facts


520 Lumens

Estimated Yearly Energy cost


Based on 3 hrs/day, 11¢/kWh
Cost depends pm rates and use.


Based on 3 hrs/day

27.4 years

Energy Used

9 Watts

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