3.5 inch Warm White LED Puck Lights - Premium Kit (3 Pack)

Model : H4294

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Quick Overview

  • Total Lumen: 840 Lumen
  • Color Temperature: 3000 Kelvin
  • Total Wattage Consumption: 9 Watt
  • Voltage: 24 Volt
  • Dimmable / UL Listed
  • Only 0.28 inch / 7 mm thick (60 percent thinner than the standard under cabinet lighting*).
  • Sturdy aluminum body. One of the best in the market for its exceptional durability.
  • Simple plug-in installation. For most of the cases, the only tool you will need is a screwdriver for the mounting bracket.
  • Bright 840 lumen (about 20 percent brighter than most under cabinet lighting available in the market).
  • Each individual 3.5-inch LED Puck Light has a bright 42 LED (Epistar 3528).
  • It only consumes 3-watt maximum. Saves at least 80 percent on energy.
  • 24 voltage offers highly energy-efficient, minimum heat contribution, longer life span, and safer.
  • Easily control the brightness to the desired level using the inline dimmer switch.
  • To ensure maximum safety, Modular 3.5 inch LED Puck Light and Power Supply have been certified by UL.


What's Included

  • 3 x Lightkiwi 3.5 inch Warm White LED Puck Light
  • 1 x 12 Watt Power Supply - Link up to (4) 3.5 inch LED Puck Light
  • 1 x Dimmer Switch 
  • 1 x 4-way Splitter
  • 3 x 4-inch Interconnect Cable
  • 3 x Mounting Screw

*Individual LED puck light comes with pre-installed 3.2 ft interconnect cable*

If you want a different dimmer type, please select from “Dimmer Type (Optional)”. For more information, use the link below to learn more about each product.


3.5 Inch LED Puck Light
3.54 x 0.28 Inch. (90 x 7 mm)

12 Watt Power Supply
2.70 x 1.92 x 1.04 Inch (68.5 x 48.78 x 26.42 mm)

Dimmer Switch
3.29 x 1.08 x 0.44 Inch (83.56 x 27.43 x 11.18 mm)

4-Way Splitter
1.64 x 1.30 x 0.59 Inch. (42 x 33 x 15 mm)

Hardwire Installation
If you plan to use a wall dimmer switch, you need to do the hardwire installation with a dimmable transformer, instead of the included power supply which plugs into a wall outlet, due to the voltage difference between the wall dimmer switch (110V) and LED light panel (24V). The inline dimmer switch (24V) is incompatible with a dimmable transformer.

If not used with a wall dimmer switch, a plug-in power supply (except a wall mount power supply) can be used to do the hardwire installation, but if a dimmer switch is needed, a 24V dimmer switch is required. You would need to splice the power plug from the power cord and connect it to the power source with a junction box or something similar. The wall dimmer switch (110V) is incompatible with the plug-in power supply.

Power Supply Start-Up time
Depends on the wattage of the power supply, the start-up time may differ.  Please use matched wattage of power supplies for the best result.

Wattage 9 Watt
Voltage 24 Volt
Lumens 840
Life Hours 40,000
Color Warm White
Color Temperature 3000 Kelvin
LED Chipset Array 42 LED
Diameter 3.54 inch / 90 mm
Thickness 0.28 inch / 7 mm
Certification UL Listed / CE / RoHS
Lighting Type 3.5" Puck
Other Specifications
Wattage Equivalent 90 Watt
Number of Lighting 3

Lighting Facts


840 Lumens

Estimated Yearly Energy cost


Based on 3 hrs/day, 11¢/kWh
Cost depends pm rates and use.


Based on 3 hrs/day

36.5 years

Lighting Appearance

Energy Used

9 Watts

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Quality Materials
Long-term Durability
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